Developing Your Health and Fitness Plan: Components of a Workout Routine

Life is so much better when when your health and fitness is top notch & a health & fitness plan will help. Why you might ask, well, you have moreconfidence for one. Of course more people want to be in shape and have the best of intentions of doing so, but lack the a solid health and fitness plan to guide their way.  A solid plan includes both health eating and exercise.  Fitness incorporates that exercise element of the plan, while, health eating ensures that you overall health will also improve.  The information below will help you develop your own fitness plan to get you started in developing a solid health & fitness plan.

Strength Component in a Fitness Plan

The first step in developing your fitness plan is identifying the best work out routine for your health & fitness goals. Whatever routine you chose be sure that it has a strength training component. Building your muscles will make you stronger and help you burn fat faster. Don’t worry strength training doesn’t necessary mean you have to go out and buy a bunch of weights or a gym membership.  You can just use your body weight and and focus on exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges and other body weight exercises. However, if you happen to have equipment laying around it might be a good time to put it to use, but I wouldn’t recommend buying any.  They can be very expensive and often create storage problems. The gym is another option, but monthly memberships can also get expensive and requires you to find the time get there.  If your like me, this causes a problem. I find it best to use smaller equipment, such as exercise bands, pull-up bars, yoga balls, and dumbbells, to fulfill the strength part of my fitness plan.

Cardio in a Fitness Plan

The second required component of an effective work out routine for your fitness plan is cardio exercise. Cardio routines will get your heart pumping and your lungs working improve cardiovascular health improving your overall health and fitness. By raising your heart rate, you will strengthen your heart adding to your longevity. Your options here are almost endless. Running and walking are great exercises to get that heart pumping and allows you to pace yourself. However, a night at the club will also get you revved up, no alcohol now.  Dancing is great way to have fun and work muscles you never thought you had, but if your not into the club scene there loads of dance fitness dvd programs. You can use exercise equipment and gym memberships here as well, but, like I said, I truly believe there are cheaper options to add to your fitness plan.  But, hey if you have something  like a treadmill or eliptical, use it.  Better, yet turn your bike into a stationary with a bike trainer for a cheap stationary bike. Now if you like to take classes, this is were the gym flourishes, but make sure the your gym includes the classes in your membership.  My wife is a huge Zumba fan and her gym membership of 10 bucks a month definitely beats $5 a class.

Having a fitness plan is the key to living healthy and meeting your fitness goals and a good workout routine will get you started.  If your looking for a ready made routine consider programs such P90x, Insanity, or Turbo

Fire as they all meet the suggested requirements above and aid you in utilizing your fitness plan. Plus for under $150 you’ll have everything your need, much better that a couple grand for exercise equipment or ongoing gym memberships.  Well, I hope this information helps you in planning work out routine for your fitness plan and guide you to the new you.