Top 5 Tips to Maintaining Weight Loss

Have you lost your weight and happy with your new appearance? Great! Keep your weight at the same level forever. Sounds challenging? Indeed, maintaining weight loss can be difficult, but it is possible. Read more and discover top 5 tips on maintaining weight after weight loss.

Tip #1: Eat healthy but allow yourself those not so healthy foods sometimes

Perhaps, you have eliminated all the unhealthy foods when you were losing weight. However, to continue doing that for a long time might be impossible. Don’t worry! Small amounts of your favorite unhealthy foods will not make you gain weight.

Tip #2: Keep exercising and stay active every day

Exercising regularly will help you to maintain weight loss for a long time. It is better to relax your diet a little but keep exercising! That will help to keep your metabolism high, prevent weight gain and many diseases. How frequently you need to exercise to maintain your weight? According to The University of Chicago Medical Center: “Physical activity plays a vital role in maintaining weight loss. Studies show that even exercise that is not rigorous, such as walking and using stairs, has a positive effect. Activity that uses 1,500 to 2,000 calories per week is recommended for maintaining weight loss.”

Tip #3: Add calories to your diet gradually

Eat more calories than before, however, add them to your diet gradually. According to a health portal Psych Central (largest and oldest independent mental health social network): “

In terms of diet, a sensible course of action is to gradually add about 200 calories of healthy, low-fat food to the daily intake, once the goal weight has been reached. Take it slowly to ensure weight is maintained rather than continuing to drop or inching up. Adjust calorie intake and exercise levels up or down as necessary.”

Tip #4: Enjoy your meals and eat slowly

Use your lunch or dinner time to relax. Don’t rush, eat slowly and enjoy your food. Don’t read newspapers or magazines while eating, turn the TV off.

Tip #5: Identify your perfect weight

Your perfect weight can be determined by such factors as your BMI (body mass index) or your own taste. The weight which is unnatural, below your healthy weight might be difficult to maintain.

Follow these tips on how to maintain weight loss and remember that you should change your lifestyle long-term to maintain your weight and look fit! Just fall in love with healthy foods and snacks, choose a physical activity or exercise that you enjoy (let it be dancing, swimming or cycling!) and maintaining your weight will not seem so difficult.