Why is Cardio Workout Important?

Human bodies were made to move. Movements, especially ongoing movements that involve our major muscle groups such as legs and arm, help human bodies function properly. The cardio workout focuses on actions that strengthen our heart muscles and improve efficiency in our lungs. The word cardio or cardiovascular means of or relating to the heart and blood vessels.

Think of cardio workout like this: when a fire does not have enough oxygen, the heat emitted is not intense, and the flames decrease.  Oxygen reacts in a similar way in a human body: if we take in shallow breaths most of the day, our cells dont get enough oxygen. With less oxygen, our metabolism cools down a bit, and our body becomes sluggish.

Cardio workout challenges the lungs to inhale deeper and, hence, provide more oxygen. Our cells get enough oxygen, our metabolism fires up, and the body systems pick up with renewed energy.

Those can also be said with the blood circulation. If you dont exercise regularly, your heart muscle may become inefficient, and your blood circulation wont be as strong as it should be.

With cardio workout, your body can regain its efficiency and balance during the processes. When your body works efficiently youll experience:

Increased energy

Reduced cholesterol

Better sleep quality

Lowered blood pressure

Decrease in depression symptoms

Reduce in stress

More lung capacity

Clearer thinking

What types of exercise provide these benefits? Running, jogging, bicycling, rowing, swimming, and even some more vigorous types of yoga are all great in getting your lungs breathing and heart beating more efficiently.  Other cardio workouts include  gymnastics, dancing, water aerobics, and martial arts.

Its only recently in our evolution that humans have started sitting around for long hours every day. This is opposite of what human body was designed for, therefore its no wonder illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle and obesity are rampant nowadays.

Cardio workout uses our body the way it was designed – movements that balance and maintain human systems the way nature intended, leading to a strong, healthy heart and set of lungs.

Even though most of us don’t consider working out “fun”, remember that the benefits will be worth short periods of effort. By making cardio workout part of your exercise routine, you will be making improvements to your quality of life.